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Republic - News :    Private Investigators by Tyler D Falls

A Private Investigator is a professional trained in the art of investigations and surveillance. Otherwise known as
Private eyes or Private eye detectives, these professionals are for hire 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many
investigators have backgrounds in CIA, FBI, military, special forces, police, and government. I assume you all
have heard of the famous Sherlock Holmes, and his trusty side-kick detective Watson. They were a type of
private investigator. Today's private investigators use modern technology along with investigator training to
serve the public and attorneys, police investigations, insurance investigations, and so much more.

Here is a list of the different types of investigations that can be done. Almost all of them are undetectable and
non-traceable if done by professionals.

1. Surveillance - monitor someone's every movement.

2. locate a person

3. Track cell phone usage and position

4. Infidelity Investigations

5. Find someone's current employer

6. Find a person by a utility company

7. Database record searches / Background Investigation - Dig up information like, employment status, civil
history, criminal history, medical history and other specific research

8. Child Custody disputes - Acquire proof that a person isn't fit for custody.

9. Telephone number investigations

-Non-Published Number -Cell Phone

-Telephone Number

-Disconnected Number

-800/888/877/900 Number

-Pager Trace

10. Internet Surveillance & Monitoring - Find out what sites are being visited by a person, read their emails and
forum posts, keylog and more

11. Business Help - Employment screenings, loss prevention, and employee investigations, insurance fraud,
tenant screenings.

12. Attorney services

13. Photography and videography - Get pictures and videos of who ever, when ever.

14. Victim assistance - When the police just aren't cutting it for you.

15. Nanny cams/hidden cameras - Make sure you can trust your kids, or caretakers.

16. Trash recovery - Investigate someone's garbage.

17. DNA/Paternity testing

18. Polygraph testing

19. Executive protection (Body guards/ escort services) - Unarmed or armed. High profile, or low profile.

20. Collect child support payments - Cant find the mother or father? Find them and get money that's lawfully

21. Electronic countermeasures, or counter eavesdropping - Make sure your employees or outsiders are not
monitoring you!

22. Accident scene investigations

23. Special assignments - Anything else you can think of, Professional Private Investigators can usually do.

(except help kill someone)

There are certain rules one must follow when choosing a personal investigator. When finding a private
investigator, make sure they have a private investigators license. Also keep in mind that the work that a private
investigator does is strictly confidential and stays between you and them. So if the person you're talking to
doesn't guarantee confidentiality, then don't bother talking to them again. Another important thing to keep in
mind is that all investigators need to be insured. This way, while they are uncovering information that YOU
hired them to, and they happen to harm someone, break, or damage anything, then you are not held liable for
compensation. A reputable investigator should have no problem presenting a certificate of insurance coverage
for you to review and verify. Finally, make sure you get a contract done up, and you read it very carefully. These
things will protect you, and help you find a reliable and trust worthy personal investigators.

Looking for a private investigator?
A Private Investigators Life, Undercover and on guard

A private investigator's life: Under cover and on guard

By David Rattigan, Globe Correspondent | May 21, 2006

In the parking lot of a Salisbury bar, Corinne Ray considered her next move. It was happy hour. Ray had
identified the automobile she was looking for, belonging to a wife suspected of infidelity, but the woman was
not inside the building.

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As the private investigator sat in her car, the woman in question rolled up on the back of a motorcycle. The
woman and her paramour started kissing, and Ray reached for her camera.

The couple seemed ''to have had a few" drinks and too caught up in the moment to care about the apparent
soccer mom taking photographs, Ray recalled.

''They kind of looked over at me, but they were focused on what they were doing," she said.

She got her evidence but was reluctant to leave. She was concerned about the wife, who appeared to be in no
condition to drive. So Ray parked in the lot next door, ''thinking about what to do next," and didn't notice that the
man on the motorcycle had pulled up to her car.

''What are you doing, taking pictures of us?" he asked. ''Was that you over there?"

He was a big guy.

''Your bike is really cool," Ray said, smiling and holding her can of mace discreetly at her side, hoping it
wouldn't be needed. ''I was looking at motorcycles for my husband."

Perplexed and possibly flattered, the man rode off.

In this job, you need the ability to think on your feet.

Sophisticated technology, updated surveillance techniques, and new areas of law have changed some parts of
the job description, but local private investigators say the profession carries many of the requirements it always
has. Along with intellect and fearlessness, a PI needs an inquisitive nature balanced by an instinct for self-

''I've gone into some really bad areas, to find witnesses for lawyers and locate missing persons," said Ray, 44,
who runs Beverly-based North Shore Investigations Inc. The company specializes in missing persons cases,
background checks, and witness interviews for civil cases.

''I try to look nonthreatening, which I am, and I think that's an advantage for me," she said.

John Nardizzi, whose work as head of Boston-based Nardizzi & Associates Inc. often takes him to the North
Shore, said it's important to be able to defuse situations when a subject is nervous, angry, or doesn't want to
talk -- as when he worked on a racketeering case involving young, low-ranking organized crime associates.

''I always try to keep in mind," Nardizzi said, that even if his subjects are threatening him, ''the reason is, they're
nervous and upset. I just try to bring it down. The vast majority of the time, I need to rely on my skills and keep
the person calm."Continued…

Alleged Police Intimidation caught on tape

Alleged Police Intimidation Caught On Tape

Man Says He Was Intimidated By Police To Recant Brutality Allegations

Dave Savini

(CBS)MARENGO, Ill. "They brought in another person and knocked him out right in front of me and told me that
I was going to be next," says Kevin Gaughan while describing what he says happened at the Marengo Police

Gaughan was 19-years-old in 2004 when he says he thought he was at the police department to give a
statement about police brutality. Instead, Gaughan says he was intimidated by police and that it was caught on
a police department security camera videotape that is now being made public through litigation.

Gaughan says police tried to get him to change his story involving earlier police brutality allegations he made
targeting Marengo police officer Scott Crawford. Kevin Gaughan and his brother, Brian, say Crawford used
excessive force against them in 2004 during an altercation at a local festival. Gaughan's attorney says they are
two of at least five people who have come forward alleging abuse by Scott Crawford.

Gaughn hoped an outside agency, the Illinois State Police (ISP), would investigate their claims.

"They came to my parents house, where I was, and said, 'Why don't you come with us to the Marengo police
station to finish up this investigation' and I said okay," but Gaughn says that is when the situation turned ugly.
"Once I got inside, they just started yelling and swearing and threatening me."

Gaughan says they were trying to get him to recant the brutality allegations. Says a nervous Gaughn, "They
were saying drop the charges. Don't continue this anymore or I am going to be brought up on (more) felony
charges and my family is going to be brought up on charges."

CBS 2 examined the videotape, which has no audio. A State Police Special Agent can be seen lifting up a chair,
a few feet away from Gaughan and repeatedly shaking it in the air. The same investigator is waving his arms,
then holding them behind his back as though he was demonstrating being handcuffed. Gaughn claims the
tape shows him being slapped, but law enforcement sources says a bug was being knocked off of him.

"I was terrified, scared," says Gaughan because he says he witnessed a man in custody get knocked out. A
handcuffed Orest Hedio was brought into the room where Gaughan was talking to investigators. Gaughan
says Hedio tried to give him advice.

"When he came into the police station (Hedio) turned to me and said don't talk to the cops without a lawyer and
(officer) punched him the face," claims Gaughan.

The videotape shows a Marengo police officer apparently pushing Hedio. A State Police Investigator gets up
from his chair and moves towards Hedio. That's when Gaughan says Hedio was punched. However, law
enforcement sources and a police report say the State Police investigator did not hit Hedio and never touched
him. They say the one responsible was a Marengo Police Officer. CBS 2 is told while the Marengo Police
Officer was pushing Hedio, his head hit the wall and he was knocked out.

In an investigative report, the Marengo officer said Hedio, "...started kicking, and lost his balance, so he took
Hedio to the ground to maintain control of him." The officer also said Hedio "... settled down immediately after
going to the ground."

On the videotape Hedio never appears to kick the officer, and Hedio also appears to be unconscious once he
hit the ground. The officer kicked his feet, removed his shoes and dragged him into a cell. Sources say no
medical help was called. Later on the videotape, you can see the officer cleaning up the floor where Hedio fell.

Kevin Gaughan says that after all that he witnessed, he signed a statement recanting his original charges of
police brutality. Then, he was charged with filing a false police brutality claim.

"They (police) are lying and ruining lives," says Paul Ciolino a private investigator hired by the Gaughans. "We
need to do something about this because the breakdown of this system is that no one is going to have faith in
it and no one is going to pay attention to the police."

Scott Crawford, the focus of the Gaughan's brutality claims, resigned from Marengo Police in 2005. This came
after a videotape surfaced of him allegedly hitting a handcuffed man in 2001 while working as a Waukegan
police officer. Police sources say Crawford failed to list this past abuse allegation and investigation on his
Marengo job application.

Hedio and the Gaughans plan on filing seperate lawsuits against the police officers involved. Gaughan's
attorney has already filed a motion to appoint an independent prosecutor. None of the law enforcement
agencies involved would comment because of pending litigation.

"To me this is police brutality," says the Gaughan's father Brian Gaughan. He explains this two year ordeal has
taken a toll on his family, "It's a nightmare. It's a financial nightmare. It's an emotional nightmare. Never in my
life have I been afraid to be pulled over by police."

(© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

What is Private investigator by L. Espinal

What is a Private Investigator?

By Leonardo Espinal

A Private Investigator or Private Detective is an individual who obtains information through surveillance and
other measures. According to Chapter 493.0 Florida State statutes Private Investigators and Private
Investigative agencies serve in positions of trust. Untrained and unlicensed persons or businesses, or
persons not of good moral character, are a threat to the public safety and welfare.

Individuals or agencies claiming to provide or advertise private investigator services must be licensed. You can
check if a Florida Private Investigator is licensed at on link to licensing or try www.  and if he owns an  investigative agency. These services Include:

Subcontracting with the government to determine crimes or wrongdoings against the United States.

Determining the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions,
reputation of character of any society, person, or group of persons.

The credibility of witnesses or other persons.

The whereabouts of missing persons, owners of abandoned or escheated property, heirs to estates.

The location or recovery of lost or stolen property.

The causes or origins of fires, libels, slanders, losses, accidents,  damage or injury to real or personal

Securing evidence to be secured before investigating committees or boards of award or arbitration or trial of
civil or criminal cases.

Most Private Investigators are retained by attorneys and law firms for surveillance, process service, accident
reconstruction, and even to locate witnesses.

Insurance companies hire Private Investigators to perform surveillance and activity checks on their insurance
claims to make sure that the claimant is not committing insurance fraud. From my experience as an insurance
fraud investigator and many hours of surveillance, I would say 9 out of 10 claims are false. So why do you think
our insurance rates are so high? It is a federal offense to commit insurance fraud, however our government
agencies usually on most cases won't follow through and prosecute these individuals who are committing
these federal crimes.

The general public hire Private Investigators to find lost loved ones, to check on cheating spouses, and
criminal background checks. A good Private Investigator can perform all these basic tasks and do not
specialize in one specific field. The Public should be aware when hiring a P.I overseas that most countries
don't require or have any type of Private Investigator license. I have done many International Investigations in
Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica did you know that in theses countries there are no licensed
Private Investigators I wouldn't subcontract a case to a P.I. in another country not only because they are not
licensed, but because their work requires supervision. Don't get me wrong I use other Investigators, however I
work along with them and supervise their activities it's my reputation on the line.

The government also use Private Investigator Services to determine crimes or wrongdoings done or
threatened against the United States.

When having persons followed you should be ready to pay a high rate usually it takes two Private Investigators
to follow a subject and this is do to traffic congestion (gridlock) and the subject's driving habits.

Be wary of Private Detectives or Private Investigators in other countries. Most countries do not regulate the
industry which  means there is no licensing requirement. They may take your money and you'll probably never
hear from them again. Remember you get what you pay for.

Author: Leonardo Espinal

Date: 12/02/2005

NTSB: Investigators recover flight recorders from UPS plane that crashed, killing 2 pilots

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Investigators found flight recorders on Thursday among the wreckage of a UPS jet
that crashed at Birmingham's airport, killing two pilots.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Investigators found flight recorders on Thursday among the wreckage of a UPS jet
that crashed at Birmingham's airport, killing two pilots.

The voice and flight data recorders could hold key evidence about what happened as the jet was attempting to
land in Birmingham early Wednesday. The plane slammed into a hillside just short of the runway.

Workers in white coveralls focused their search Thursday on the tail section of the aircraft where the devices
are typically found. In the late morning, one of them emerged from the partially burned section carrying one of
the recorders and put it on an all-terrain vehicle. Other debris remains on the ground and hasn't been moved.

The search of the tail area had been delayed because it was still smoldering late Wednesday.

The A300 jet headed from Louisville, Ky., to Birmingham, Ala., landed in a field near the Birmingham-
Shuttlesworth Airport around daybreak Wednesday, killing the two pilots on board and scattering wreckage
over a wide area. The aircraft rained pieces of metal into front yards and sheared off a piece of one family's
back deck.

Residents in a hilly neighborhood near the airport have worried for years about the possibility of a plane crash.

The crash happened in a grassy field where a neighborhood stood until several years ago, when airport
officials began buying up and then razing houses to clear the area near the end of the runway.

But such offers, which began in 1986, weren't made on some of the nearby homes, including that of Cornelius
and Barbara Benson, who live in a two-story, split-foyer home just a short walk from the crash site.

"Hopefully we can get out of here now," said Cornelius Benson.

The jet clipped trees around the Bensons' yard, leaving broken plastic and twisted metal on the ground, and
took a piece of their deck before slamming into a hill.

Other neighbors living near the airfield reported seeing flames coming from the aircraft and hearing its
engines struggle in the final moments before impact.

"It was on fire before it hit," said Jerome Sanders, who lives directly across from the runway.

A preliminary investigation indicated the pilots did not make any distress calls, NTSB board member Robert L.
Sumwalt said.

UPS spokesman Jeff Wafford said the jet was carrying a variety of cargo. He did not elaborate.

The pilots' names were not immediately released. But a man who identified himself as a family member said
one of the pilots was Shanda Fanning, a woman in her mid-30s from Lynchburg, Tenn.

Wes Fanning, who said he was the woman's brother-in-law, said Shanda Fanning had been flying since she
was a teenager.

He said officials contacted her mother and that UPS representatives were with the family.

Ryan Wimbleduff, who lives just across the street from the airport property, said the crash shook his house
violently. Standing in his driveway, he and his mother could see the burning wreckage.

"I ran outside and it looked like the sun was coming up because of the fire on the hill," he said. "Balls of fire
were rolling toward us."

Wimbleduff said it can be unsettling to live so near low-flying, big aircraft.

"We'll sometimes be outside and joke about being able to throw rocks at them, they're so close," he said.

Cornelius Benson, 75, said planes routinely fly so low over his house that a few years ago, the airport authority
sent crews to trim treetops.

Sharon Wilson, who also lives near the airport, said she was in bed before dawn when she heard what
sounded like engines sputtering as the plane went over her house.

James Giles said the plane missed his home by a couple of hundred yards, judging from tree damage and
debris. He was at work at the time but said it was clear from the scene that the plane was attempting to land on
the north-south runway that is typically used by much smaller aircraft. Large planes such as the A300 typically
aim for the bigger east-west runway, he said.

"They were just trying to get to a landing spot, anywhere," he said.

The plane was built in 2003 and had logged about 11,000 flight hours over 6,800 flights, Airbus said in a news

The A300, Airbus' first plane, began flying in 1972. Airbus quit building them in 2007 after making a total of 816
A300 and A310s. The model was retired from U.S. passenger service in 2009.

Wednesday's crash comes nearly three years after another UPS cargo plane crashed in the United Arab
Emirates, just outside Dubai. Both pilots were killed.

Authorities there blamed the Sept. 3, 2010, crash on the jet's load of 80,000 to 90,000 lithium batteries, which
are sensitive to temperature. Investigators determined that a fire probably began in the cargo containing the

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Book review: The Children's Crusade by Elliott Hall Garstang Today
But this is no tongue-in-cheek village romp; in the dark and shadowy world of Private Investigator Felix Strange,
killing is a serious business – deadly serious.
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Electronic and Continuing Education Aug. 22-25.
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The latest edition of the Division of Licensing Newsletter is now available on the Division's website at http:
//  This Newsletter features information about the department’
s ongoing investigative efforts to crack down on fraudulent training certificates and a summary of the revisions
to Chapter 493 made by the 2013 Legislature.

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Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin addresses city council in December, two months before councillors fired
him as their private meetings investigator.
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for a fatal accident that involved PID board ...
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Private eye hacked 14-year-old girl brain damaged in horror car ... Daily Mail
Private detectives working on behalf of a major British insurance company illegally trawled through the mobile
phone records of a 14-year-old schoolgirl who ...
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Attorney general drops inquiry into Lafayette court bribery, citing ... The Republic
The alleged central figure, Lafayette private investigator Robert Williamson, is under indictment. More than two
years ago, federal agents began investigating ...
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After 30 years, pushback for Southern Co. in Ala. Bellingham Herald
Dunn said a private investigator trailed him after he called for a formal hearing, though Dunn said the
investigator did not explain his motives when confronted.

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Larry Jones, a private investigator hired by the family of the boy, had previously tracked Hatte to Putnam County,
Missouri, but she fled when she was contacted ...
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Lewis says private investigators can only divulge the dirt to his clients. His reputation for diligence, hard work
and honesty should make him the first name you ...
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TWIN FALLS • A judge has denied more money for a private investigator who helped a man act as his own
attorney in a sexual battery trial. Read more ...
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No problems were reported before a private jet crashed into a hangar and burst into flames while landing at
the southern California airport, a federal investigator ...
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Services, was hired to do an audit of the nutrition ...
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Smartphones now have the ability to be used as personal private investigators by using the PeopleSpy app for
Android and iPhone. Users can order a complete ...
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